Considering switching from a centre to a linear drain for your next build or project?

  • Jun 24th, 2021
  • By: Lauxes_admin
Invisible Shower Grate Drain

Stepping out of your comfort zone to what you are used to is always a tricky thing. Especially when you build up good rapport with sales staff and suppliers and don’t wish to “burn any bridges”. You understand at the end of the day it’s what looks great and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space, the best type of product for the application and what’s best for the client.

Traditional shower (or central drains) require all sides of the floor sloping towards this. It requires lots of needless cutting, wastage and time figuring angles for installation.

Linear drains on the other hand, generally take less than half the time to install and require minimal tile cutting due to the angle of the drain. Thus, resulting in the seamless integration between the drain and the continuation of the flooring. No need to move the existing plumbing as you can create the waste outlet anywhere along the bottom tray to line it up.

Linear drains over the years are becoming more and more popular. Linear drains are an elongated, rectangular form of waste outlet that maximises capturing the flow of water towards a single exit port to deliver the most efficient removal of liquid from the area. This is a new trend that is fast becoming a popular choice for modern day applications as it can be used in indoor and outdoor wet areas.

If you’re not familiar with linear drains let me tell you the advantages:

Installation – linear drains are easy to install and can be customised to any desired length on site. They do however require the shower floor to be sloped in only one direction toward the drain, unlike the centre drain, which requires the floor to slope in four different ways.

Barrier – using linear drains removes the ‘step over the curb’ in a traditional shower, creating a “barrier free” entrance to your shower. This provided an easy transition point from the dry are to the wet area.

Safety – home related injuries affect millions of Australians each year and adds extra burden on our health system. Therefore, removing/alleviating any potential hazard for someone to fall or hurt themselves makes practical sense. It also removes any fear associated with showering and improves quality of health.

Aesthetic Appeal – designers and renovators love using linear drains. There are no limitations to the size of tile or slab material used and eliminates the need for additional cuts to tiles. The same floor tile can be used in the bathroom as well as the shower recess so the surface is uninterrupted by visual distraction. Tile inserts are one of the most popular options.

Versatility – linear drains provide long, clean lines, are attractive and has more installation opportunities. It can be placed in various parts of the shower or back against the wall making it more versatile than centre drains.

Maintenance – linear drains are easy to clean and can easily be cleaned with water and soap. Our easy roll out feature, as shown in our tile insert range, enables consumers to easily clean. Simply roll out and roll back in.

Rustproof – our anodising process protects the aluminium from corroding as it adds extra layers of protection to the product that is why Lauxes offer a lifetime rustproof guarantee.

Lauxes offer several different types of linear grates available based on the best usage for your application.

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